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Speaker presentation

Updated on 17 May, 2024

Presentation upload #

On the day of presentation, speakers will need to submit their presentation slides onsite to our speaker preparation room where you will be able to go through the slides and rehearse with your speakers.

Speaker setup #

Your speaker/s and chair/s will be presenting in your session room at the Hilton Adelaide. They will have a lectern, stage, microphone, and slide advancer for presentation. The presentation will be pre-loaded to the screen via the speaker’s preparation room.

Room setup #

The room will be set up in cabaret style.

Allocated time #

All times listed include set-up, presentation and pack-up time. Please be considerate of the session following your presentation and finish promptly on your allocated time.

Pre-presentation room access may be available for some timeslots and subject to agreement with the Conference Organisers.

Presentation template #

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