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Public liability insurance

Updated on 29 September, 2022

You must hold a current public liability insurance policy for a minimum of AUD 10,000,000.

DUE DATE: 24 June 2023

Entry to the venue will be denied if you have not provided this information to the conference managers.

If you haven’t already done so, please upload a copy of your public liability insurance policy to the exhibitor portal no later than 24 June 2023. If you do not hold a current public liability insurance policy, valid in Australia, please contact the conference managers to discuss available options.

The venue and the conference managers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur to the exhibitor, exhibitor’s employees (public or other) or property from any cause whatsoever prior, during and subsequent to the exhibition. The exhibitor, on contracting for space or an exhibition stand, expressly releases the organisers and the venue from, and agrees to indemnify same against, any and all claims for such direct and indirect loss, damage or injury.

Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, venue and their agents from all liability (damage, incident or accident) which might ensue from any cause resulting or connected with the transportation, placing, removal or display of exhibits.

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