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The Australian and New Zealand Children’s Cancer Study Group was established in 1986, which was changed to ANZCHOG in 2003 to reflect the inclusion of blood diseases.

In 2007, ANZCHOG secured on-going Commonwealth Government funding through Cancer Australia’s Support for Cancer Clinical Trials program. This support provided essential core infrastructure funding, pivotal in the creation of dedicated ANZCHOG networks which accelerated national leadership and cohesion in research and clinical trial development. This work kick-started ANZCHOG’s clinical trial sponsorship role, building strategic relationships with key international trial consortia.

Since then, we have continued to grow, partnering with a range of government, philanthropy and charity groups, to develop new trials and bring more international trials to Australia and New Zealand. Importantly, we are building centralised trial capacity within the ANZCHOG Office, working closely with all children’s cancer centres in Australia and New Zealand, and collaborating with international trials groups through Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

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Overarching strategy

As the expert body on childhood cancer, ANZCHOG strives to enable the true potential of the Australian and New Zealand childhood cancer care and research effort.

We work collaboratively with our broad multi-disciplinary membership, national and international stakeholders, and through engagement of consumers to develop research and care priorities. We have two key areas of focus:

  • Optimise our portfolio of clinical trials; and
  • Shape the development of our professional community


We have identified a range of enabling and capability strategies which will underpin our work in these areas.

For additional information please see the official ANZCHOG website at www.anzchog.org

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