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Dr Myra Ruka

Haematologist Clinical Equity Lead

Hei Ahuru Mowai
CHOG24_Myra Ruka

Dr Myra Ruka is the Clinical Equity Lead, Clinical Haematologist, cancer researcher and current PhD student with the University of Auckland, Myra has shown leadership in advancing Māori Health Equity and Kaupapa Māori led practices in tertiary healthcare services and cancer research.

Through her roles as co-chair of the Te Whatu Ora Waikato Clinical Equity Leadership, Waikato Clinical Procedures Committee and member of the Board of Clinical Governance Myra has provided strategic direction and led local and regional service planning efforts, resulting in significant equity gain. She co-led the design and implementation of a Kaupapa Māori service at Te Whatu Ora Waikato working collaboratively with Māori leaders, kaimānaki (patient navigators), patients, whānau (family) and the organisation, to address waitlist inequities in planned care services.

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